The Youth Health Survey 2012 was implemented in schools across Manitoba during the 2012/2013 school year. All grades 7 to 12 students attending schools were invited to participate in the survey and over 64,000 students completed the survey.

This cycle of the Youth Health Survey included an on-line survey that was completed by school administrators in participating schools. This survey obtains information on elements of the school environment that also affect the health of our students.

Partners in Planning for Healthy Living has developed a briefing note highlighting the Youth Health Survey.

We have now posted the 2012 Youth Health Survey – A, Youth Health Survey – B, Youth Health Survey – C and YHS – Administrators Survey.

Manitoba Youth Health Survey 2012/2013 User Guide

Manitoba Youth Health Survey Implementation Evaluation Report

Youth Health Survey Tool Kit

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2008 Youth Health Survey Questionnaire

Environmental Scan of Youth Health Survey Tools 2011

Question Dictionaries – Table of Contents 2011

Academics Question Dictionary 2011

Alcohol and Drug Use Question Dictionary 2011

Bullying Question Dictionary 2011

Community Connectedness Question Dictionary 2011

Family Question Dictionary 2011

Friends Question Dictionary 2011

Gambling Question Dictionary 2011

General Health Question Dictionary 2011

Healthy Eating Question Dictionary 2011

Healthy Sexuality Question Dictionary 2011

Height and Weight Question Dictionary 2011

Injury Prevention Question Dictionary 2011

Internet Use and Safety Question Dictionary 2011

Mental Health Question Dictionary 2011

Physical Activity Question Dictionary 2011

Risk Taking Behaviour Question Dictionary 2011

School Connectedness Question Dictionary 2011

Screen Time and Sedentary Activity Question Dictionary 2011

Tobacco Use Question Dictionary 2011

Working and Money Question Dictionary 2011


Presentations (Background and Dissemination of Results)

A guide to understanding and using the data 2012-2013

Enquête sur la santé des jeunes au Manitoba (ESJ) 2009

History of Partners in Planning for Healthy Living

Interpreting the Youth Health Survey

Manitoba Risk Factor Surveillance Experience 2008

YHS Results Dissemination 2008

Youth Health Survey Results and Action 2007

Youth Health Survey A Technical Guide to Using the Data 2009

Youth Health Survey Presentation for Staff 2009

Grade 11 and 12 PE/HE Active Healthy Lifestyles 2009


Implementation & Dissemination Resources


Summary Report on the Manitoba Youth Health Survey Pilot Project 2011

Youth Health Survey Knowledge Exchange Physical Activity and Health Educator Survey Report 2011

Interlake RHA Highlights Report 2010

YHS Grants Summary of Grants 2010

YHS Letter to Schools 2010

YHS Sample News Letter 2007

YHS Presentation to Principles 2009

YHS Strategic Plan for Results Dissemination 2009


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