In the News

Winnipeg Free Press. (January 17, 2015). Taking Stock of Today’s Teens.

CKUW 95.9 FM. (December 23, 2014). Discussion of Youth Health Survey Results on System Kidz. (15:26 – 32:20) (Just YHS Discussion)


The Flin Flon Reminder. (May 9, 2012). Ruth Betts students join health effort.

Opasquia Times. (May9, 2012). Youth responses provide platform for action: Evidence-based results from Youth Health Survey encourages change.

Breakfast Television, Winnipeg. (May 11, 2012). Youth Health Survey The reason why better food choices among Manitoban youth need to be made.

Global News Winnipeg. (May 3, 2012). Winnipeg high school uses youth health survey to get students moving. 

My (May 3, 2012) Youth responses provide platform for action

Press Release. (May 3, 2012). Youth responses provide platform for action Evidencebased results from the Youth Health Survey encourages change


Winnipeg Free Press. (March 4, 2010). Underage users targeted: Alcohol, tobacco fines to increase. 

Press Release. (March 3, 2010) Report records lifestyle habits of young Manitobans Provincial partners initiate first self-reported survey to plan programming.

Government of Manitoba Press Release. (March 3, 2010). Province Targets Youth Substance Use, Smoking, Unhealthy Eating With Tough New Measures.

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