Data Access

The Manitoba Youth Health Survey Database

The Manitoba Youth Health Survey (YHS) database holds data from the 2009 and 2012 cycles of the YHS:

  • For 2009, it includes data from students in grades 9 to 12 in all 11 Manitoba Regional Health Authorities (RHA) plus grades 6 to 8 in select RHAs (N=46,229). The 2009 survey was a 51-item multiple choice questionnaire on health behaviors related to tobacco use, nutrition, physical activity, self-esteem and school connectedness.
  • For 2012, it includes data from students in grades 7 – 12 in all 5 Manitoba RHAs (N=64,174). The 2012 survey was an 82-item multiple choice questionnaire on health behaviors related to tobacco use, alcohol and drug use, nutrition, physical activity and sedentary behavior, mental health and school connectedness, sleep, sexual health and injury prevention.

In addition to student-level data, the 2012 database also includes data from a school-level survey, the YHS Administrators Survey. This survey was a 39 item on-line questionnaire completed by school administrators (i.e. Principals, Vice-Principals).

The purpose of the Manitoba Risk Factor Surveillance System is to provide schools, communities, RHA’s and other health partners with current local-level information about risk factors for chronic disease in youth. Findings from the survey are intended for use by local area planners for health promotion planning and evaluation activities. The data have been weighted to represent the youth population of each regional health authority.

The YHS database is housed on a secure server at CancerCare Manitoba (CCMB) and CCMB is considered to be the Information Manager for the data. Requests to access the database will only be accepted by the Data Access Review Panel (DARP) of Partners in Planning for Healthy Living and not the individual RHA’s.

Applications for Access to Youth Health Survey Database: Aggregate-level

Aggregate-level data presents the total number of occurrences within a defined population (stratified by age, gender, or geographic area) or over a given time period.

Aggregate-level YHS data is available at the regional level for the RHAs in place in 2012 (Winnipeg-Churchill RHA, Southern Health-Santé Sud, Interlake-Eastern RHA, Prairie Mountain Health Region and Northern Health Region). No school or community specific data will be released.

The YHS data is available to community, government and university researchers seeking to carry out activities that will further enhance and advance our understanding of youth health and well-being in Manitoba. The YHS applied community-based approaches and principles to data collection, analysis, interpretation and dissemination. To that end, all data access requests will be considered in the spirit of respecting the needs and priorities of the communities that provided their information for study.

All requests for access to and use of the YHS Database must be made on the appropriate form (Data Access Request Form: Aggregate Data).

Every application must include the following documents:

If you have questions or require further information regarding data content, please contact .

Please submit the completed Data Access Request Form: Aggregate Data and all attachments electronically to the Data Access Review Panel Chair c/o If certain attachments are only available in hard copy, please advise us by email, and forward those attachments by mail to:

YHS – Partners in Planning for Healthy Living
c/o Heather Sparling
Manitoba Health Healthy Living and Seniors
2046 – 300 Carlton Street
Winnipeg MB. R3B 3M9

Applications for Access to Youth Health Survey Database: Line-level

Line-level data is comprised of survey responses at the student level. For each completed survey the actual responses to each question and/or derived variable are included in the dataset. Only those variables required for each study will be released. Variables that have the potential to lead to student identification will be removed from the released dataset.

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