Data Access Review Panel

Data Access Review Panel (DARP)

The Data Access Review Panel consists of between five and seven members with at least three representatives from the Health Authorities: one each from CancerCare Manitoba (CCMB), the rural Regional Health Authorities (RHAs), and the urban RHAs.   The remaining members represent government departments and non-government organizations.

The purpose of the DARP is to review requests and make decisions regarding access to the Youth Health Survey (YHS) provincial data repository housed at CCMB.

YHS data is collected and owned by each individual RHA, with CCMB acting as trustee of the data, housed on a secure server at CCMB.  The YHS provincial database is available for use to community, government and university researchers seeking to carry out activities that will further enhance and advance our understanding of youth health and well-being in Manitoba.

All data access requests are considered in the spirit of respecting the needs and priorities of the communities that provided their information for study, and protecting the identity of the survey participants. Only data at the provincial level will be released, as the results are not age or sex standardized across regions and therefore not suitable for comparisons between regions.

In addition to reviewing YHS data applications as they are received, DARP is currently supporting the YHS working group in the development of YHS Data Sharing Agreements for the next round of data collection.

Heather Sparling
Chair, Data Access Review Panel

Tel: 204.788.2540