Youth Excel CLASP

Youth Excel, as part of an initiative called CLASP, Coalitions Linking Action and Science for Prevention, is a team of teams.  The team includes researchers, policy and program leaders currently from 7 provinces. Provincial teams are led by the following host organizations: NL (Memorial U), PE (U ofPEI), NB (U of NB), ON (Public Health Ontario), MB (CancerCare Manitoba on behalf of PPHL), AB (U of Alberta), BC (U of Victoria), plus the pan-Canadian Joint Consortium for School Health and the University of Waterloo/Canadian Cancer Society’s Propel Centre for Population Health Impact, which serves as the secretariat.


The Youth Excel CLASP working group supports and facilitates the YE CLASP activities within MB. Members also contribute to the national YE CLASP activities.

The aims of the YE CLASP initiatives are to:

  • integrate the prevention of cancers with the prevention of other chronic diseases
  • integrate science, policy and practice to optimize prevention efforts
  • stimulate cross-provincial/territorial partnerships to accelerate progress


The major YE CLASP activity in MB has been a MB case study on PPHL/YHS to document processes, success/challenges and lessons learned.  Building upon that research a cross-case comparison was also conducted with NB andPEIto document similarities/differences and critical success factors for building risk factor surveillance capacity.


CLASP is a two investment (Oct.2009- March 2011) made possible though made possible through a financial contribution from HealthCanadathrough the Canadian Partnership Against Cancer. A call for renewal applications is expected in 2012.

Youth Excel – Manitoba CLASP Workplan

Kate McGarry
Co-Chair, MB Youth Excel CLASP
Tel: 204-235-3121


Jane Griffith
Co-Chair, MB Youth Excel CLASP WG
Tel: 204- 235-3277