Adult Risk Factor Surveillance

Adult Risk Factor Surveillance Working Group

The ARFS Working Group includes 20 members with representatives from ten different Manitoba RHAs, two NGOs and three government departments. Each member of the ARFS Working Group has been previously involved in PPHL’s youth risk factor surveillance activities as well as other PPHL initiatives.

The ARFS group is currently planning a pilot project to conduct adult risk factor surveillance in a small sample of communities across Manitoba. In partnership with participating RHAs, this project will include choosing methodologies, designing tools for surveillance, implementing data collection, analyzing results and disseminating findings to all stakeholders. The long-term goal is for the results of this pilot project to inform the development of an ongoing, province-wide system of adult risk factor surveillance. This will provide communities, regional committees and local organizational/government partners and policy makers with local level, community specific chronic disease risk factor information to support programming and ensure evidence based health planning and evaluation.

ARFS Workplan

Nancy McPherson
Chair, Adult Risk Factor Surveillance Working Group
Tel: 204.578.2314