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Partners in Planning for Healthy Living

Partners in Planning for Healthy Living (PPHL) is a group of Manitoba partners who share a common mandate for the prevention of chronic diseases. PPHL partners work together in a collegial manner to develop organizational, community and regional capacity to use evidence in planning programs for healthy living in communities across Manitoba.

Together PPHL partners are working and learning together to build an integrated knowledge system that spans and reflects the unique contexts within Manitoba. This system involves several different activities including:

Surveillance (data gathering)
Knowledge exchange (identification and dissemination of effective/best practice)
Program and policy development, implementation, evaluation
Strategic and investigator-driven research

All activities are integrated as a system to produce practice-based evidence. PPHL supports these activities at both the Regional and Community level. As the system gains momentum, partners, including new partners, structures and systems, are being engaged.

PPHL Partners